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: Just like Obama 2008 was criticized for being handed the economy that Bush 2004 gave to him.
And how Bush 2000 and Bush 2004 were praised for the economy that was handed to them by Clinton
And how Clinton was praised for the economy that was handed to him by H.W. Bush

Funny how these things work in cycles...it's almost like the presidents just got lucky to have a nice economy under their term, right?
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: It has been 7.5 for the past couple years.
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: wow your really smart, did you think of that all by your self.
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: Unfortunately so many people have given up hope of finding a full time job that they are no longer even counted as being unemployed.

That's why the labor force participation rate is lower than ever.
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: EMployment figures are fake
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: He already has. All you need to do is change how we calculate it. We're basking in a full economic recovery, if you don't count real joblessness (we used to). We're not experiencing any inflation at all! If you don't consider the price of food, fuel and energy (we used to).
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: Actually no... If you look at the taxing & spending, prier to "W"... Taxes were incredibly high, during Reagan, & daddy Bush, & spending.... Was simply out of reason.... Spending actually went down, under Clinton, & the budget was ultimately balanced, & there was a surplus... But I'll openly admit... That isn't the way the Mike Huckabee version of history reads...
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: 7.5%? B.S. We have more new claims for unemployment every month than we do jobs created. The REAL unemployment rate is over 9%.
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: The lawless Bush/Cheney administration left $7.2 TRILLION of GOP spending OFF THE BOOKS by not accounting for either of the two wars or for the true costs of the Republicans' revenue-depleting and economy-SHRINKING unpaid-for mandates. These hidden expenditures were added in by the Obama administration's economic team (see whitehouse.gov) in the first weeks after being sworn in so that any changes made to bring about a RECOVERY would be built on a TRUE ACCOUNTING, something the big-spending nation-destroying GOP seems to avoid doing.

The sugar-spurt nature of the always-fail GOP policies, a.k.a., "Reaganomics" (supply-side; deregulation) can easily be explained by any parent of toddlers who get hold of lots of sugary candy---their "energy" level SPIKES to new highs (FALSE highs) before then CRASHING to a DEPRESSION that goes lower than where the toddlers were before ingesting the candy.

You can figure this out for yourself. SUPPLY-side means building up a huge supply before there is any DEMAND (market) for what is being built---an upside-down-pyramid approach that sets up severe imbalances. By reducing revenues drastically (the $800 BILLION/year) with tax cuts for the wealthiest elites, the burden of America's needs falls upon the shoulders of the nation's workers, the middle-class. But the GOP colludes with corporate leaders and corporate raiders to increase Market shares by OUTSOURCING the jobs that could PAY THE BILLS, thus SHRINKING the nation's vital MIDDLE-CLASS workers. Oh, sure...things look "prosperous" while the building is going on, funded by taxpayer dollars, but then NO ONE BUYS because there's NO MORE MIDDLE-CLASS JOBS that could to do so, and so we are left with a GLUT of empty office buildings or underutilized shopping malls, and "Going Out of Business" signs pop up all over as the "sugar-snack" spurt runs out.

You need to find the book "America, What Went Wrong" by Donald Bartlett and James Steele---written about the destructive Reagan/Bush-Bush/Quayle years. President Clinton did NOT "praise" the collapse of the savings and loan industry due to GOP deregulation and corporate collusion all during the Reagan/Bush-Bush/Quayle years, and he most certainly did not "praise" the loss of our MANUFACTURING JOBS BASE, which occurs every single time Republicans have power.

To change the river's currents from GOP-caused depression to slow-but-steady economic recovery is not "luck" at all---and our nation's history proves this. DEMAND-side (or Keynesian) economics is what President Obama, President Clinton before him, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt to end the Great Depression all used. Strenghten the nation's middle-class, which is a principle used by Henry Ford, and that middle-class will BUY BUY BUY, thus creating a DEMAND for more goods, more manufacturing, which peripherally benefits our SHIPPING industry, and our unemployment figures then begin to go way down because more workers are HIRED to handle the INCREASED DEMAND, and these workers also PAY TAXES, which generates REVENUES that keep us SOLVENT.

President Obama and the Democrats in Congress deserve MORE credit than they have received for having the political courage to put NATION-SAVING POLICIES into place once more, and to RE-REGULATE the banks and Wall Street (see whitehouse.gov and recovery.gov) to prevent any future GOP-caused MELTDOWN or taxpayer-funded BAILOUT.
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: it's a lie.
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