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: Here's the deal: I know it's like choosing the best of two shitty situations but my parents tried to squeeze their way out of paying a gigantic Comcast bill and now we can never get Comcast at my house again unless they pay the disconnecting fees and all of the over-due bills which is way too much money because my family is poor, ja feel?

So the only other two services available in my area are 1) Direct TV and 2) DISH. Obviously, the only part of this package I care about is the internet.

Both of which I've read pretty much suck internet wise, but what would you say is the better of two evils?
Whoops. Sorry yahoo answers filters. Got a lot of rage about this internet situation. Thanks for the answer, though!
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: Heh. I can't believe you got the word shitty through the filter without it being censored..

But to answer your question, I switched from Comcast to DirecTV, and honestly, the bills are about the same.

They sell "bundles" that are loaded with hidden fees. Not only that, it's a contract. You have to sign up for at least two years. So, it's basically just as balls as Comcast.

But, I will at least say the customer service is pretty stellar, and I've never had any down time with my internet connection..
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