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: Hi everyone, i have a 50/50 custody with my-X and he is supposed to pay hal of the medical bills.
I have sent bills ever since we started filing for divorce and every other bill after that and he still refuses to pay... he say's i am a liar and that he has no reason to pay me.

Anyway, i need to know which forms i need to file. I cannot afford and attorney and i really need the money right now... Any advise would help.


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: Yes, he has to pay the medical bills. But, since you have 50/50 custody, he should also be consulted about these medical visits. Why is it that your child only has medical problems with you when your ex has the child 50% of the time?

I might be a bit suspicious about this too.
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: This is legal work. If you cannot afford an attorney, sorry. Courts are the only ones that I know that can issue an order of maintenance for children in matters of divorce and custody. The only recommendation I know of is to go to the courthouse yourself and see what you could do on your own.
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