HellBill » Hell Bill Area: » Pay Bill/ Pay Bills » are medical bills of the deceased ,mother,paid from estate, if children have been already been paid the estate

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: that is no money left in estate,,,it has been sent out....who is responsible for bills that come 3 to 8 months later?

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: Ooops. Major oops.
The person in charge should have never, ever, done this.
You have got to be making this up, right?
The trustee is now responsible.

The trustee should have known to wait one full year for all the bills to come in.
Serious common sense.
Did the trustee even check the credit reports?
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: Fraudlent transfer. The executor gets to demand that all heirs return all monies paid, if that becomes necessary. The srevice provider can and will sue the executor and all the heirs, if it must.
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