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: I live in San Diego Ca. I am trying to decide which provider to choose when I move in next month. Please rate each of these 3 companies in the following categories:
1.) CUSTOMER SERVICE- includes time spent on hold when I call them, is tech support department out sourced to India or ?, response time if I need any equipment replaced, correcting mistakes they may have made in my bill or my service.....(customer service is VERY IMPORTANT to me).
2.) PRICE- do they offer bundling, do they offer 1st year sign up specials, how long is they're trial period, what is the penalty if I want out of my contract due to me not being satisfied with their service
3.) VARIETY- do they offer flexibility in which pay channels I want, do they offer packages like basic channels vs more expensive packages.
4.) TECHNOLOGY- how is their signal, does it freeze, is it always clear, can I watch TV in more than 1 room, can I record 1 show while watching another, can I record more than 1 show at a time, what are their limitations(weak points) vs their competitors?
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: 1: IME, customer support is a minor thing. But cable will most likely have a local presence for that.

2/3. IMO there is not a lot of difference between cable and satellite providers. With cable you can bundle with phone and Internet. Satellite TV providers cannot directly provide those themselves. Satellite also requires you lease their boxes on contract/commitment. With cable, I think it is just a no contract/commitment rental/subscription.

4: Cable probably is better, since their dishes are professionally constantly maintained, and broadcast stations are locally received. A well installed home satellite dish should be no problem. Given San Diego, there should be few weather related outages for either cable or satellite.

All providers offer at least dual tuner DVRs by default, if you choose their DVR option.

Satellite absolutely requires a box to receive. With cable, analog basic is usually offered, but a box or Cablecard device is required for digital channels.

Also with cable, you can get a TiVo or build a PC DVR with Cablecard Tuners, and rent just a cablecard from the provider, instead of renting their full box. You still need to pay digital service fees.
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: Don't limit your consideration to satellite (Dish, DirecTv) or conventional cable (TW). Check your San Diego address to see if you can get either AT&T U-verse or Verizon FIOS. If so, one of those might be a better choice than satellite or TW.

I switched to U-verse from conventional cable 3 years ago and it was the right thing to do. A little less money, competitive or better technology, and better customer service.
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