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: I rented a house for a few days back in August 2012. About a month after my visit I got a bill from the home owners saying I left fingerprints on the wall and demanded I pay $240. No pictures or receipts were shown. I declined even though they kept sending me notices. Recently they said they sent the request to collections.

Can my credit be affected?

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: Yes.
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: Any late or unpaid bill will damage your credit.

Maybe even an unpaid library fine could take a hit on your credit score.
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: Sure. they can. Sadly, this is a favorite tactic of many unscrupulous landlords....to allege damages after you leave and threatening damage to your credit rating if you don't pay them...This is why it's so important to do a final walk through in person with the landlord when you leave.
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: Any defaulted debt that is reported to the credit bureaus will hurt your credit/score. If a collection agency has the debt, it will be reported to the credit bureaus.
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