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: My brother has a new girlfriend. He likes her a lot and she knows it. They only dated about few months. She broke up with her ex-boyfriend and moved to an apartment (i believe she lived with him and he kicked up out) but claims that she was living with her brother. when she moved to a new apartment she had a roommate but allegedly roommate decided not to move in. I asked if the roommate is paying the rent until she finds another roommate but I was told NO and it's a one bedroom apartment. Really??? two grown women was going to share a room? doesn't make sense. I believe when her ex-boyfriend kicked her out she told my brother she has no place to go (because her house that she was living with her mom was foreclosed) and I believe my brother was willing to pay for her apartment. She said she has a job but she text him ALL DAY LONG. there is no way any employer will let you use your cell phone like that. She called him other day that she has to go to the hospital and of course my brother paid for the bill. yesterday i found out that he is paying her other bills.
I am furious. She is definitely USING HIM, my brother makes very good money. He has his own company but due to her texting he never works ( I know, he is stupid,too). It's obvious to me that she is asking him to pay ALL HER BILLS but he doesn't see it. What can I do? I am loosing sleep over this and I HATE that low class bitch so much. Please help...

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: You must live in USA.
Maybe you could get on Springer. Or get Cheaters onto it.
Diss her to the curb. ya all.
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: Yeah like the other dude said, get yourself on Jerry or Maury or hey why not go for it? Steve Wilkos. But seriously it's none of your business.
And your grammar is awful.
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: You may want to ask yourself why you are so involved and worked up about your brother's relationship. It might help you to take a deep breath and take a step back. Accept that your brother is making his own decisions about his relationships, and that you can't change him or the woman he is involved with. All this drama about texting, hospitals, being kicked out, etc., doesn't make for a pleasant life -- not for him, or her, or you!

I'd strongly suggest that you focus on your own life, form relationships that are healthy and satisfying, and just be polite to your brother and his girlfriend. Life will be a lot simpler and less stressful that way.

Good luck!
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