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: What are the pros and cons of purchasing a Mac from best buy and paying the monthly bill on time ?

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: Dont buy a Mac, A PC can do everything a mac does and then some imho.
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: best buy has terrible customer support. I would purchase one from a apple store.
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: I just did it not too long ago. Signing up was easy at the store. Payments online are fine, you can just set it to auto payment at whichever day you like.
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: Im have bad experience with them. Just very bad customer support.
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: Pros:
*Best buy is cheaper than many competitors.
*You get the best of best worlds: many Windows-intended programs (such as Microsoft Office) are availible for Mac, but not vice versa.
*Macs are usually pretty reliable
*There are tons of different companies that make Windows computers, and half are usually failures, but only Apple makes Macs.
*You can pretty much go to the same one website if anything goes wrong with it instead of pouring through loads of them.

*Buying a new Mac puts an elephant-sized hole in your pocket. You could buy over 3 Windows PC's with the same amount of money and still have cash to spare.
*You dont have much color or style choice.
*The Mac laptop screens aren't very durable; a three foot drop with the lid closed and facing upward broke my screen.
*You dont get customizable Metro tiles.
*Best buy doesn't have great customer service.
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: in response to kale.the reason you cant get mac programs on a pc is no one with a pc wants them, second, using windows programs on a mac really slows the laptop down. its better just to get a pc,save money and get a better laptop while paying less.
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