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: Hello,

I have around 2k in debt to my university for tuition fees, as i left in my first month as i was unhappy and wanted to change university.

Ever since then the Uni has demanded i pay 2 grands worth of my tuition fees even though i only stayed for one month of tuition before i realised it was a mistake.

Originally my tuition fees were to be payed for by the Student Loans Company until i am earning 15k to pay it back, but once i left my university refused to accept payment from the SLC and said they would only accept payment from me.
Other students on my course also left later then me and still incur no charges from the Uni, which seems like i'm being singled out.

I cannot afford to pay this as i am a student, have no financial help from family, and i can only work part time in 2 jobs until i graduate, plus i have rent and bills and food to pay for.

I offered them a minimum payment of 10 a month until i graduate and can get a full time job (in which i'd pay more, if not all of it off once i'm in full time work)

They refused this, and said they would still carry on with court proceedings unless i can pay at least 500 a month.
Also, what will they do if i cannot pay?

Can they do this?
I'm scared and i don't know what to do or how to pay this.

Please help.
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: Yes, they can. A creditor doesn't have to accept your idea of a minimum payment. Otherwise, everyone will be making 1.00 per month payments.
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