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: I am working in the USA on a work visa - I file my taxes through H & R Block. Last year the IRS audited me 2 times. They came back last week with a huge bill and penalties. The expert at H & R Block was not filing my taxes correctly, I gave them all my details and they knew the work visa I was on - are they in any way liable to pay for all of this?

Thank you for any help received
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: only if you got solid proof that it was hr block doing your imcone tax all this years but is kind of complicated cause irs dont give it a shit who did your taxes for you get a lawyer and sue hrblock for whatever much you need
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: Generally, Block will pay the penalties and interest related to any mistakes that they made.

You would still have to pay the tax bill.
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: It is YOUR responsibility to review your return. So technically, it would be your responsibility to pay penalties and interest. Read your contract to see if H&R Block promises to cover mistakes or errors.
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