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: Hello there ! :)

I would be the same as you really, I'm bored of single life as well. It sucks ! Especially since it's been ages since you met some one.

So what type of career or job you after or training for ? - Me

Childrens nursing - her

So where do you study ? - me

School - her

What games do you play ? - me

games ?? - her

(A day later) I left my account logged on by accident sorry yeah i sometimes play xbox but only red dead redemption - her

) I see, I see you'll probably like GTA, it's made by the same company. It's an open world game just like Red Dead Redemption. :) Red Dead was a good game :) - Me

Sames - her

Anyways ! Do you want to meet up some time ? I was thinking more of meeting in town or even a place we both know ! Maybe get some food and coffee :) I'll pay for it all ! Just don't rack up the bill to 30-40 ! If you want bring a friend or family member etc if you feel more comfortable.

"Heres my number ! So call me maybe ! :)" - Carly Rae Jepsen - Call me maybe

(my number) call me some time and lets have a quick chat etc. My phone is generally off unless I go out during the afternoon (1-5pm generally more or less everyday some times 2 days !)

(No response for a week)

Hello ? Do you want to meet up ? - me (Sent yesterday, no response for now)

Guys she only responds with one word answers but she responds straight away whilst other girls just ignore my messeges ! How come she stopped responding ? Did she get creeped out/ Playing hard to get ? Shy ? Has other boys shes interested in ? or has no time to respond/busy etc ?

What do you guys think ? We have talking over a span of 2-3 days.
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: I think she's a little uncomfortable cause you probably gave your number too fast. Girls like guys who take time to get to know the girl properly, thoroughly so yeah...:L
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: 'From her responses, I'd say she's just being polite and isn't really interested. I think you came on a little strong as well with your number and wanting to meet etc. I'm sorry to break it to you man, but I'd say move on and find a new girl to chat to.
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: I would say you would have kept on chatting online for a while before you make any bold pass at her
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