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: I applied for WELFARE/FOODSTAMPS do to my Husband loosing his job. When they ask for proof of the bills we pay...CAR INSURANCE is NOT a "BILL". My question is...Who would I contact to file a complaint? If CAR INSURANCE is the "LAW" to carry then why don't they count it?

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: LOSING, not LOOSING. Those are the rules. Live with it or get a job.
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: The law is that if you have a car, then you have to have car insurance.

There is no law that you have to have a car.

They also do not count the cost of paying for cigarettes, even though there is a law that if you smoke, then you have to pay for the cigarettes; the law says that you are not allowed to steal them. Same idea. Car insurance is one of the expenses that results from your decision to have something that the law says you cannot have without paying. It's not an expense necessary for living, since you have the option to have no car.

If you want to complain about how welfare and foodstamps work, you could contact Obama, but I don't recommend it. He's already getting complaints from those on the right who just want to end the programs completely, so no one can apply. Keeping things the way they are is probably the best you can hope to get.
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