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: I applied for WELFARE/FOODSTAMPS do to my Husband loosing his job. When they ask for proof of the bills we pay...CAR INSURANCE is NOT a "BILL". My question is...Who would I contact to file a complaint? If CAR INSURANCE is the "LAW" to carry then why don't they count it?

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: There's no legal obligation for you to have car insurance unless you have a car, which is a choice.
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: It's not an "allowable" deduction. Neither is a car or loan payment. I don't think they even all your total utility and rent/mortgage amount, just a certain "formula". It varies by state, but this link might help

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: Another bottom feeder
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: No one is forcing you to have a car, that is your choice. When you chose to drive and own a car, then and only then is car insurance a requirement.
Nowhere to file a complaint, it will get you nowhere.
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: The other guy is right.
They also don't count cable tv, credit cards, life insurance, car payments, etc.
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