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: I have attention deficit disorder (ADD) and I am struggling with it so bad and so much, and holding all the abuse in by kids, even grown adults by making fun of my grammar, spelling, comprehension, ect. My IQ is only 82 my parents used to yell at me and my mother even beat me up for doing awful in school, getting real bad grades allll through school. Everyone calls me retarded or fcked in the head to whom I try to get into a fight with or ask a question, or just talking to anybody in school.. I don't know how to pay bills and especially don't know how to talk business like being on social security and I would really like to get married, have kids, and live on my own and I am 25 and still live with my parents and my brother has moved out last year and he is only 22.

Oh and I HAVE been taking all kinds of medication for ADD but absolutely none of them did nothing but made me get addicted to them and turned me into a drug addict

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: Your grammar is really bad.
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: Yes you sound like a normal person.
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: You definitely sound normal to me, because you are able to coherent sentences.
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: i don't know
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