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: A judge in SFV/Sylmar Court (San Fernando Valley) assigned a backdated temporary spousal support order ($3229 per month, backdated 1 month, + $5000 in attorney fees) that represented 100% of my net pay for over 14 weeks and it will take 5 months before I will be caught up on support payments if I give her my entire paycheck each time. Is this even a legal order? I have been writing a check for the full amount on my pay checks as I receive them, needless to say I have a bunch of bills in collection now, my savings is gone, and my house I purchased before the marriage is in foreclosure. The judge did not enforce my 60 day 'Notice to Vacate' (can only be enforced by civil judge as I understand) or order her to pay any rent or utilities. She is enjoying living rent and utility free and added a lock onto the master bedroom door, so now I reside in the living room of my own house. Is this type of judgment normal if no children are involved?

My x-wife's lawyer created a less than reputable DissoMaster report "based off my paycheck" with 14 federal exemptions (we have no children, my W-4 exempt. is set to 4), no medical insurance (I pay for both), and no 401K loan listed on the report. Is this legal? Her lawyer had my paycheck stubs and admitted it to the court. I had no recourse because I told the judge my x-wife was working full-time when she stated she wasn't working at all. The judge got really mad at me and would not look at the evidence I obtained recently that proved she was working because I did not submit it to the court. Her lawyer further created an inaccurate judgment order for higher than the amount assigned in court, so I had obtain the transcript and prove it was wrong. Are these common tactics with divorce lawyers to increase support payments?

Marriage Duration: 6.5 years
No children
Age: She is 6 years younger
Me - Bachelors (working on masters while I work full-time)
Her - Completed masters this year (paid for using my 401K loan)
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