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: Our anniversary is on Christmas Eve, and we're going to spend our whole day with our families, so we wont get to see each other until night time. I really want to do something special he has done so much. He is a hard working man, and a great father to our child. Pays the bills, is faithful, i'm living the fairy tale dream :) I want to find a way to repay him for all he has done for us. I want it to be a romantic night and I don't know where to start off! Any ideas? Thank you!

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: Yes, start off with a tiny elf costume, and a promise to show him all the toys he wants to see!
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: First of all I commend you for wanting to show your appreciation for your husband. I would suggest attempting to get somebody to watch your child for a couple of hours, family member etc. Then before all of this buy some really nice lingerie, and then you plan a candle lit setting, not necessarily have to have dinner, then when you meet your hubby at home you tell him all that you have spoken here, for men love to know they are appreciated and when we show this to your man, that means a lot to them. Congrats to you both!
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