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: I'm 15. I lived with my mom all my life. She resently passed away so i had to move in with my father. i get social security from my mom, but i can't get a job at the moment. my dad and i are constatly fighting. i would be paying rent and living with my best friend. i would also be paying partys of all the other bills. right now at my house after all the bills i still have about $400 but my dad has mad it so that the money doesnt go to me it goes to him. i need the pros and cons of being emancipated. also if i should get emancipated or try to get a transfer of gardianship to my best friends mom.

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: Pros

You can be a crack whore


It will never happen
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: Since you do not meet even one of the criteria for being emancipated, pros and cons don't really apply.

You are too young, don't have an independent income, don't have a place to live, nor your parent's permission.

Again, NONE of the criteria.
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: There are no pros. I think you are far too young, you certainly cannot write a clear paragraph.
You need to visit social services and tell them what you told us. They may support you moving to a better home.
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: Different states have different laws but at 15 you should be able to petition the court to change your guardianship ESP since you don't know your father. 15 is old enough to make this decision in the courts opinion. Again, you need to check your states laws. Your local courthouse may have info but remember unless you speak with an attorney no person in the courthouse can give you legal advice. Good luck. I really hope this works out how you want it to.
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