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: I was hoping for tips on handling a debt collection. I received a letter (with virtually zero information about the debt). Just that I owed $1800 from 3 1/2 years ago. I had several surgeries then and I really don't know if I did or didn't pay the bill. I called the actual company (not the lawyer) and asked them WHY I never received a bill. They claimed they did send it - twice. I never received it. Why do they / would they wait 3 1/2 years to collect???

My financial situation is VASTLY different than 3 1/2 years ago. I can't afford to pay the $1800 - or even HALF of the $1800. The best I could do is monthly payments - which I keep reading you shouldn't do.

Any tips/tricks/advice on how to handle this?

Thank you.
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: They may eventually settle for half.
In the meantime, stall them. Tell them you will pay as soon as you get more money saved up. Last thing you want is for them to sue you in court since this will ruin your credit further.
They can garnish your wages and go after your assets.
There may be added fees, such as court costs, etc.
And, you'll end up paying the full amount.
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: The best thing for you to do is to consult a Consumer Debt Advisor or Consumer Credit Counseling Service or Credit Advisor (different areas have different names for these services) for advice. We have a Consumer Credit Counseling Service in my area that offers a free consultation. So look online for such a business in your area or check out your phone book and contact an expert. Whatever you do, do no deal directly with Debt Collection Agency or Lawyer until you are fully informed. I have worked in the insolvency business for quite a few years and I know that these people use false threats, charge ridiculous interest on the original amount of the account that they first received for collection (interest that they are not entitled to by the way, at least not where I come from) and have several other dirty tricks up their sleeves. So please, get some expert advice and do not deal directly with the debt collector/lawyer. Once they get their hooks into you, they will bleed you dry and if you end up paying whatever amount they demand, you will find if you check yout credit report that they will not bother to remove this debt and you will have a very hard time trying to get this debt removed from your credit report on your own.
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