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: Well i'v lived with my dad in England for about 3years, then we moved to Wales for about 12-13years. My dads looked after me since birth. Anyways, my dad recently met this lady about 4years back who has a son who's my age. At first, I found them okay. After a few months, she asked my dad to move in with him, luckily, my dad said no! As it's too early in the relationship. She's really dull (When I say dull i mean she's terrible at maths, england, general knowledge) Her son is in the lowest sets(Grades) in school. He has terrible knowledge, terrible at maths + everything else. He has to count on his fingers for 150+100... He looks strange, he carrys eczema which is also annoying. So after a few months of meeting, me and her son started to argue, then his mum started to gold dig my father. What I mean by that is, well, my dad used to take me everywhere, spend all his time with me, teach my how to write ect. He took me shopping, to cardiff, on holiday, he made my food+showed me how to make it. 4years later, my dad doesen't take me anywhere. She uses my dad for money, my dad cooks + pays for all the bills, even though she rents her own house, she basically lives here. My dad does EVERYTHING for her, all she does is drink wine, watch TV and talk. My grandparents can't stand her, they think she's a gold digger aswell. My dad knows that I don't get along with both of them. Her son has basically no friends, he attempts to talk to all my friends.. He eats all our crisps, chocolate bars and sweets, all our snacks. He's always asking for stuff. 5years ago, before they met, my dad used to spend everything with me. I remember when I had an arguement with him before they met + I said i don't love you dad. I didn't mean it, but I was so pissed off + my dad tear'd up, + started to cry. I started to cry seeing my father cry. I said I didn't mean it + we hugged. Back then, I used to be quite strong, I used to be about 9-10. I had a small six pack, I used to do push ups, i used to do crunches and do 5hours bike rides around Wales with my dad. My dad used to invite other parts of my family down, so we can have a meal. Now, i haven't rode a bike for almost three years, my dad never even talks to our family anymore. We never do anything, it's all about her. she shouts at me, she puts her son infront of me. What do you think I should do, all we spend our time doing is, im in my room doing nothing, maybe abit of xbox and abit of fbook. Her son just games and eats. My dad is down the pub with her. I'v put on ALOT of wait over the past few years with her, even though thats apart of growing, everyday she want's my dad too cook big meals, (3course). I don't know what too do, suicide has come across my mind, but I said to my dad once before, if I died what would you do? + He said 'i'd probably kill myself, there's no point living otherwise'. + I teard up abit. So suicided is off my mind, I coulden't hurt my dad like that. Nor the rest of my family and friends. My grand parents can't really do anything about it. She makes my life boring and repetitive. Me and my dad used to adventure and holiday' + bikeride + explore our country. We met old friends, now we do nothing! Please! I need advice, this is making me depressed + I can't sleep from it. My grades are going down, I can't read properly! (I can read, one of the best in my year but all I got is this situation on my mind, so I don't take anyof what I read in, my eyes just move, nothing goes in no more). I just want them to break up! But I don't want to affect my dad.. Please help! Even if you don't know what to do, she's ruining my childhood + my dads life!
Thanks alot if you'v read this + considering to help me. If you want to email me (for a chat or something) My email is 'Anocternalwar@hotmail ' Thanks..
You don't feel the pain I feel, please! Im begging someone just to help me + give me some advice. I don't know what to do..

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: Just minutes earlier there was a mother of late teen girl with boyfriend, and here is a dad of teen agers with a girlfriend.

What next?
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: i mean, the only thing i can think of is to tell your dad to spend time with you. you cant ruin his relationship with the woman, but you can get him to spend his time with you, for sure
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: I am not sure what you can do. She sounds selfish and greedy. Perhaps take initiative yourself. Organise a picnic for just you and your dad and make time to spend with him. It shouldn't be all about her.
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