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: They seem to think the way we spell is wrong. Don't they know that for each country there are different ways of spelling. They say that all of us are fat and lazy so not true that's only the people that were born rich the rest of us work very hard just to pay the bills. Not all of us like the fact that we're currently in a war. Or that in some states lesbians and gays basically cant get married or have kids. We are full of a lot of culture considering the fact immigrants from all over the world come here everyday.Not all of us are racist either or there would have been a war resulting from that along time ago. I am not talking about the civil war that started to end slavery. We also aren't all racist if you were in America and said that you hate black people I'm pretty sure you'd be arrested. Most of us if we could would change the government to where regular people have a say in what laws are passed not a group of only 9 people. I actually wished that most of the politicians weren't rich white republican men.
They also probably never been here or lived here to actually know if what there saying is true. My parents came here from Nigeria in their 20's. I don't know how some of you can call us all racist when you have so many stereotypes about us. Though I guess were at fault too.

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: Racism and stereotypes are from mass media, and little things picked up from others. The way us Americans are portrayed on television, especially commercials, do make us sound like fat slobs and racist pinheads. So it is more, learned.
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: I'm British and we don't hate all Americans, although there is a slight prejudice which I think stems in part from the views of some politicians - what Akin recently said about rape and pregnancy makes us wonder how people that stupid can be in such powerful positions? Who votes for them? And way too many people believe in creationism which does suggest either a complete lack of education or a very closed mind.
Also, and this is a complete generalisation but Americans can come across as quite arrogant, thinking they are better that every other country, have no need to travel or understand other cultures.

Saying all that we also appreciate a lot of Americans are great and feel the same about those things!!
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: Firstly im British and i have American friends so i dont really hate them , and the stereo types yeah why do some people call Americans fat? well the same reason why Americans say things about the British! right? so before you say all that , look at what Americas doing wrong first. aw about the spelling , well thats because each other country have their own language ah yes well Americans speak english lol and you spell Colour this way not this way Color im only messing , but ive had Americans saying i spell wrong before are they serious? i shall send them the English dictionary , Theres racists in every country but what annoys me is that its always white people getting called it. Well no , no , no ive witnessed black people being racist to white or black people jumping a white guy so thats racist to but somehow nothing will happen to those attackers but on the other hand if it was black then we white people would get convicted of racism. THIS WORLD IS FUCKED UP! For me im not racist i love black , asian , lat
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