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: To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this SAP appeal in hopes of my suspension being lifted from my financial aid. I was aware that college was not going to be easy, I also was aware that it would take a lot of hard work. What I was not aware of was the strain college can have on a household financially wise, especially to newlyweds. My husband and I got married in January of 2013, we both decided that college was the right way to go considering we were both still young, and would eventually have a family we would need to care for. So, we both started at ------ College in fall of 2013. My mother fell ill within our first semester and our income had to support her household as well as ours, but still we were very determined that at least one of us were to finish college. My husband took on an extra job for more income and I was able to finish my first semester somehow. As my second semester rolled around in January of 2014 bills and debts were beginning to be more than we could pay. I was offered a job as a Caregiver approximately an hour away from where we live, and being that money was very tight, I took the job. I decided to stay in school because I thought I could handle it. I enrolled in all online classes so I could work and go to school too, but it wasn’t that easy. I was being worked between 70 and 80 hours per week, along with trying to care for my mother and school work began to get harder, and my grades began to suffer the
consequences. I decided college was much more important and that we would figure things out somehow with just one paycheck. I discussed it with my employer and explained that I needed to focus more on school and caring for my mother. The semester was already up within the week and I was unable to get to campus to withdraw from one of my courses (Psychology) which I was already given permission to drop the course. The second class that I did not have satisfactory grades in was Writing 101,
I missed the last paper that was due and unfortunately it had several parts that affected my grade severely. My mother has since been approved for her Social Security Disability and now has income on top of having health insurance that covers Caregivers and in home aids. My husband now has a better paying job that actually covers our bills. I now have no obstacles standing in my way of doing the best that I can in my academics. I have also decided to do on campus classes, as advised by my
student adviser to ensure I am getting the help I need with tutors and such. I am wanting to finish school and have a better life for my family so that maybe my children will not ever have to worry whether their parents are taken care of. I apologize for my lack in academic achievements and hope nothing like this ever happens again because I truly want this more than anything. Again, I am just asking for a chance to prove I can do better than I have shown in my school work. I would like my
suspension to be lifted, please.

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: If this were to cross my desk, I would approve it. Your letter addresses the 3 things that have to be included in an appeal quite well:

1. It describes a situation that was beyond your control that led to your inability to succeed. (Some schools don't permit work issues as a reason, but given the situation with your mother, I would be inclined to accept it.)

2) It describes what has changed that will allow you to perform better in the future.

3) It describes a plan to improve your performance what steps you have taken toward it.

So, all in all, I think your appeal should be approved.
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