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: Long story short my brother and I are in our 20s (Im 22 and hes 25). Im living in a cheap apartment while finishing up online college and working a 30+ hour per week job (I work technically part time at a local grocery store). My brother is not in school and works less than 15 hours a week at Burger King. BUT hes about to quit his job because he recently won a lot of money on a scratch off (over 35k). Heres the story though. He originally got kicked out of our parents home (I was already living on my own and had moved out). He was about to become homeless so came to me begging for help so I took him in. He agreed to get a job and help pay for rent, bills, food. He got the burger king job but skipped multiple months of no rent on his part or no food yet eating up mine, leaving a mess, expecting me to clean after him. I was about to kick him out but he begged for forgiveness so I have him one last chance and now its month 7. Since he won that big amount of money hes about to move out but the other day I asked him if he could pay back even the slightest amount for rent, bills, or food that he didnt help with (that I had to end up paying). And he refused. Even just a few hundred. Hes getting over 35 thousand and he wont spare even a few hundred to make up what I've done and paid for him. I saved him from being homeless! What should I do? Why is he doing this?

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: There's two types of people in this world, givers and takers. He thinks he's entitled and he has a short memory. You won't see a penny but now you now know you have to keep hum at arms length. Good chance that money won't last long either. Practice saying no in the mirror just in case.
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