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: 95% of the mail I get is junk mail that goes in the trash and the other 5% are bills that could easily be emailed. I pay my bills online. Any packages I might get could be sent UPS or Fed ex.

Why do we need postal workers burning up fuel driving to very home and business in the US 6 days a week delivering pieces of paper that will all get thrown away?

Just because the post office was authorized by the constitution doesn't mean it is required.

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: Because even though 99.9% of the ads and offers get tossed the .1% that get answered is enough to make it worthwhile for the companies doing it especially since they are only paying a 3rd class bulk rate.
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: A lot of the mail I receive is junk, but some of it are magazine subscriptions, or things I ordered online. The U.S. postal service is very affordable for sending and receving mail. There are some things that are cheaper via UPS or FedEx, however I like having options.

And if you wanted you could always opt-out of receiving your bills in the mail, that is if you do indeed pay them online.
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: The Pony Express never delivered junk mail.
Mail transport, via Pony Express, was too expensive to waste it on junk mail.
The US postal service is like the Pony Express in no ways.

My 80-year old neighbor (a retired high school teacher with a Master's in Science) can't afford to run the internet .. doesn't even have cable TV.
He needs the US postal service, and I'm sure he's not the only one.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that everyone else is like you or lives like you.
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: USPS is a massive, inflexible, inefficient government bureaucracy. Technology has passed it by.
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: Would just as soon they rode horses again.
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: The USPS has destroyed itself by allowing Unions to create an atmosphere where your job Performance means nothing.
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