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: I've had the same phone for nearly 5 years and I was thinking about getting a new one sometime soon; a friend recommended and iPhone so I figured I'd check them out online and at first I thought Amazon was glitched out or something, but even the Apple website is telling me $600+, that's F*cking insane. This thing better have its own Satellite that can scratch my ass from space because $600 is a bit more than a weeks pay for me, that and what the hell is this whole iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s is there something different about them or is that a newer model? this makes me miss the days of $60 Flip phones and $30 monthly bills instead of $500+ Phones and $80 bills.

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: That's the price if you buy it without a calling plan. As to the differences between iPhones...

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: Yep, welcome to expensive phones. The 5s is the latest model of iPhone.
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