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: Okay so I'm going on my first cruise in two weeks, and I'm very excited. When I did an online check-in it gave me the option of charging privileges to certain guests, I'm pretty confused about that. I recently discovered the S&S card. I'm not exactly sure what it is. Is it a card you used to pay for things on the cruise? Because I heard that there is such thing as a cashless system on cruises. Also, I heard mixed things of what an S&S card is, how it's a card that you reload money before hand, or how you use it to pay and you get billed later on, can someone please give me a clear understanding? Thanks!

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: Sign and Sail. You basically put EVERYTHING on it - and then have to pay it (usually by credit card) your last night on the boat.
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: the Sign and Sail is your room key and on board charge card. you link iot to a regular credit card or cash everyone has one.
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