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: , the lawyer said my medical bills were 12000 so that's not enough for my lawyer nor me . Can i pay the medical bills out my pocket or monthly so that i can have some funds. Does this even.seem right? I went to therapy for 4 months.

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: dont pay it off your pocket let your lawyer handle it you need more then that ..my friend won a settlment case of $60,000 and his medical expense was covered ( not counting the money settlement he won) so just let your lawyer handle it goodluck
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: then you politely tell the lawyer to decline the offer and make a counter offer and wait. There is not a whole lot else you can do right at this point in time if you are still in therapy then the case is ongoing Im not sure what or how long it has been but usually there is not much of an offer until it has to go to court. what has your attorny suggested?
This is happening all over the USA and other countries the insurance companies are raking in huge profits and doing thier best to not to pay legitimate claims. I have empathy for you and I know its tough keep the fiath hold your head up and never give up sometimes we have to dig deep inside of ourselves and find the energy and strength to go on but we can do it.
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: Why is it their problem you decided to run up lawyer bills? You sound like a scam artist to me.
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: That's up to you and your lawyer if you want to accept it or not. When you do settle up pay your medical bills or the DR and hosp. will be suing you.
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