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: So here's what happened. I was about to pull out of a parking space, put the car in reverse, looked back to see if it was clear and saw a woman standing at the back driver's side of my car. I saw her hit the trunk of the car with her fist, then she grabbed her hip and was yelling out that I hit her back. The police showed up and took statements. My statement and my daughter's were pretty similar, but the woman and her husband gave different accounts of what happened. The husband was behind a wall out of view when all this supposedly happened and claimed that I barrelled out of my parking space and ran her over (she forgot to fall down during her act). She said that her back was already broken too. One of the things that came to mind was that even if I was moving when I saw her, my back bumper isn't flush with the back of the car, so if anything, her leg would have been hit, not her back. Also, she grabbed her hip feigning pain but said I hit her back. The officer who took the report said that their stories conflicted and made it clear that he wasn't buying it, but said that for the simple reason that I was a driver and she was a pedestrian, I'd be at fault. There aren't any surveillance cameras so it's my word against hers. Obviously I'm pretty concerned about my insurance rates soaring or being sued for her medical bills since she already had an injury and might try to say that I caused it. So do car insurance companies prove fraud or do they make a payout to the person to get them out of their hair? And if they do end up dismissing it as fraud, could she try to sue me directly?

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