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: A few years ago when I was 14 or 15, I had a really bad asthma attack and was forced to ride in an ambulance and be hospitalized for it. Now I'm 18 and applied for a credit card through my bank to get started building my credit score and I come to find out that this bill is keeping me from being able to obtain the credit card. I live in Oregon. What can I do to get this to go away? Aren't there laws stating that the minor's guardians' are responsible for paying the debt or something? Why is this on my head now?

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: Tell them your age. Someone did not pay attention when they billed you. Give them the names of your parents and their address. Hopefully, they will bill them and your parents will pay it. If they refuse, then, I have no idea whether a minor can be held upon the age of majority. I have not run across that scenario before. Most parents are responsible enough to pay for the children 's medical bills.
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: File dispute with the credit reporting agency.
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: Dunno. You need to talk to your parents or guardians about getting it paid.
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