HellBill » Bills Categories: » Medical Bills » im 21 and i cant afford my medical bills and i have to live with my verbaly abusive grandmother and i cant find a way to escape!!!!!!?

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: my grandfather has Parkinsons and is on bipolar medication and my grandmother is verbaly abbusive. She has caused pain in my families life to were everyone moved out(mom,uncle...ect) i had a brain tumor and cant afford medication of my insurance bills, so i am forced to live with them until i finish school and get a job. She is onstantly telling my all i do is fail and get D's in school and compares me to people at her job that she calls stupid. i am at the point were i feel like im going to explode on her. i am in a maze and i cant find my way out. i am not the best at school and wanted to go to military but that all changed when i developed a brain tumor. I need help!!!!!! I cant find a way to cope with this anger and depression from all this stress!!!!!!

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: Do you have other relatives you can live with? My only suggestion would be to move in with family or close friends. You cant be in that kindve environment! Your grandma is probably sick as well & thats how she deals with things in general - shout abuse! I dont know what country or area you live in but Im sure theres a helpline or maybe search on the net for financial aid/assistance/homes. I hope you get some sort of help SOON!
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