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: I am the sole income ina family of 4. I make just too much for Medicaid and CHIP(i checked). I make tpp much for subsidies(I checked). I also just make enough to cover my current bills. Seriously, $100 unexpected bill throws my budget off and makes things problematic.. So what is the solution? My wife does not have a job, but recent medical problems would probably prevent her from getting one. So no "have your spouse get a job". I seem to be in a hole in the middle of your policies. So what should I do?

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: (Not a supporter of ACA)

This is where things get fvcked up in Entitlement Land. You're aren't being rewarded because you're not failing 'well enough'.
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: They would say get your wife on aid.
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: I think Nancy pelosi addressed your situation. She said you should quit your job to unlock the door of government goodies
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: I'm not an ACA supporter but you really only have a few choices.

Go without and hope for the best, restructure your finances and make some cuts, or get a better job or become unemployed
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: you probably should tell your state legislature to expand medicaid.
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: Your information is too vague to offer any intelligent advice. With more details we can provide better answers. For example, what do pay for housing? Is it over 25% of your income? If it is, you are paying too much. Why? If most of your issues are personal financial issues, I suggest you read "All your Worth" by Elizabeth Warren and her daughter for good financial advice.
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: Do what the Russians did for so many years...allow a government to control you. Russians are really putty in the end. No wonder they flee to the U.S.A. like a
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: Move to Canada..
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