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: I had no idea I owed 163$ from a chiropractor i went to 6 months ago. I called the chiropractors office and confirmed this is the case. So I paid the bill right away. Is my credit score going to be affected?

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: Yes. By the time a late bill gets to a collection agency, the damage has been done.

Please note that paying the chiropractor might not have been the best thing to do because if the collection agency has bought your debt from them, you still owe the collection agency.
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: It's already on your credit reports.
So your credit score already dropped.

I hope, and I sincerely hope that this was an internal collection agency.
If it was a real collection agency, you should have paid the collection agency that contacted you.
When an item is sold to collection, the original doctor "washes" their hands from debt.
The doctors office no longer has any responsibility.

Check your credit reports and make sure that a collection agency is still not showing this debt as active on your credit reports.
Get all 3 reports free once a year at
annual credit report https://www.annualcreditreport /cra/index.jsp
No credit/ debit card required.
Do not pay for a score. It will be useless for what you need to know.
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