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: To make a long story short...
My fiance is a very hard working active duty service member. I am in school getting my MBA and I am an out-of-work military veteran. All of our bills are current but whatever spare money we have left over, we use it to help take care of our families...mainly our mothers. We both have been through a lot in both our personal and professional lives and we wanted to do something very special for ourselves...with the help from others. Do you think it's tacky/wrong for me to ask for financial assistance to help make our dream wedding come true?
Update!!!! We just got a $10,000 donation for our wedding!!!! Thanks for the advice guys! I really value your opinions...especially yours Odette!

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: Yep- tacky
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: Wedding gifts should be based on the couples needs. I dont see it as tacky at all. My fiance and I are getting married soon. I work for a non-profit and am not exactly rich and she is currently looking for work. Right now we dont need a gift certificate to the olive garden or an appliance, we need money. This would be helpful. If your family and friends are aware of your situation then I hardly view making it known that you would prefer monetary gifts as tacky.
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: Yes, very, very, very tacky.

You don't host a wedding on someone else's paycheck. You spend only within YOUR means.

You also do not look at a wedding as a way to get cash. Gifts are not mandatory.

I understand that you want to celebrate, but you should not ask other people to pitch in to your OPTIONAL wedding. You can have a marriage without a wedding and the marriage is the important part. Plenty of people get married with dimes and quarters and they go to the courthouse.

If you want the champagne and tiaras, you'll have to foot the bill. Sorry honey.
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: People often indicate their desire for cash gifts by not having a wedding registry, but I'm presuming you want the money before the wedding in order to pay for it all.

While it's truly admirable that you and your fiance have served your country, it's not right to ask other people to pay for your wedding. Either scale back to what you can afford or postpone until you can afford the wedding you want.
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: No, it's sensible in some cases.
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