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: I was simply wondering how much the Government spends on animals.. protecting them, rescuing them and taking care of them.
Im sure they spend A LOT.

I was watching a show where a dog was caught in some sort of flood and there was like a 10 man rescue team trying to save the dog. They ended up having to get a helicopter and dropping someone down and airlifting it away. To me, as cold hearted as it may be, that is just too much to save an animal. The government paid these people to spend all this time saving a dog, paid to put a helicopter in the air, im sure the pilot isn't paid minimum wage, and the biggest one is these peoples lives were in danger. A slip could have ended in a drowning. And actually the man who saved the dog was bit.. we know he didn't pay for his medical bills, which he obviously shouldn't.
I know that rescue teams voluntarily do this work, but im pretty sure they could have been saving humans and keeping humans safe in all the time they spent on a dog. Sorry PETA but id rather see animal protection get cut back than see my ill grandmother not receive any help with medical bills and treatments

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: Ask the men who risk their lives for the animals. I bet you that most, if not all, say it is 100% worth it.

I think it's worth it, but I am probably biased because I tend to like animals more than people because people are annoying.
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