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: 1. At the end of the year, a library reported 32 books lost or stolen, and 24 books were sent out for repair. If the library originally had 1,219 books, how many were left on the shelves or in circulation?

A. 1,275
B. 1,187
C. 1,219
D. 1,163

2. Cornerstone Bakery sold 78 pies on Monday, 96 pies on Tuesday, 40 pies on Wednesday, 104 pies on Thursday, and 77 pies on Friday. On average, how many pies did they sell per day?

A. 84
B. 58
C. 44
D. 79

3. What is the selling price of a $12,543 boat if a $758 discount is given?

A. $11,785
B. $12,785
C. $12,758
D. $11,758

4. Find the product of 543 and 36.

A. 15.08
B. 507
C. 579
D. 19,548

5. Gina decided to order some clothes from a catalogue. She ordered 3 pairs of jeans at $39 each, 4 T-shirts at $15 each, and 2 skirts at $27 each. What was her total bill?

A. $231
B. $192
C. $117
D. $177

6. What is the difference between 1,968 and 3,000?

A. 1042
B. 1031
C. 1132
D. 1032

7. If one apartment requires 36 square yards of carpeting, how many square yards of carpeting do 25 identical apartments require?

A. 61 square yards
B. 900 square yards
C. 27 square yards
D. 936 square yards?

9. What is the inverse operation of division?

A. Subtraction
B. Division has no inverse operation.
C. Multiplication
D. All mathematical operations

10. What is the difference between 2,386 and 7,000?

A. 5,614
B. 9,386
C. 10,386
D. 4,614

11. What is the inverse operation of multiplication?

A. Subtraction
B. Addition
C. Multiplication
D. Division

12. In the problem 10 4 = 6, what is the correct term for the number 4?

A. Subtrahend
B. Product
C. Difference
D. Minuend

13. What is the correct way to write three hundred nine million, fifty-eight thousand, three hundred four?

A. 395,834
B. 309,58,34
C. 309,058,304
D. 390,580,304

14. What is 1,112,433 rounded to the nearest ten thousand?

A. 1,120,000
B. 1,200,000
C. 1,100,000
D. 1,110,000

15. Which of the following statements about the number line is true?

A. Number lines end with the number 10.
B. Numbers get larger as you move to the left on the number line.
C. Number lines can't help you compare numerals.
D. Numbers get smaller as you move to the left on the number line.

16. Pizza Perfection sold 93 pizzas on Monday, 67 pizzas on Tuesday, 78 pizzas on Wednesday, 44 pizzas on Thursday, and 123 pizzas on Friday. On average, how many pizzas did they sell per day?

A. 82
B. 83
C. 81
D. 63

17. Which of the following statements is true?

A. 15 0 = 0
B. 0 15 = 0
C. 15 + 0 = 0
D. 15 0 = 0

18. What is the position of 9 in the number 932,805?

A. The hundreds place
B. The ones place
C. The ten-thousands place
D. The hundred-thousands place

19. Tina lost 3 pounds on the first week of her diet. She gained a pound on the second week, and then lost 2 pounds a week during every week afterwards. She has been dieting for a total of 13 weeks. How many pounds has Tina lost in all?

A. 24 pounds
B. 20 pounds
C. 26 pounds
D. 22 pounds

20. What is the position of 7 in the number 876,543?

A. The thousands place
B. The tens place
C. The ten-thousands place
D. The hundreds place
keyword CHECK my answers meaning I have already done the hw.
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: No point in throwing 20 questions at people to answer and in the bargain learn nothing. Do your HW yourself. That way you will learn something and not FAIL.
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