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: I experienced something extremely traumatic (to me) about 7 months back and I can't seem to let go of it. Someone really important nearly died but he's okay now, and there has been a lot of going on since (bills [large ones], court, bad people etc.) and now that it has all calmed down I can't stop thinking about it, nor can I continue my life.

I have flasbacks about what happened, I can't sleep much and I'm constantly worried about everything. I used to be a confident happy person but now I don't know what I am. I kind of lost myself during all this. I'm a peace-loving person but now I have so much anger towards the person that caused this.. It bothers me. My mind is a mess all the time, I'm not myself.

I have no partner/friends nor family to talk to, nor am I going to therapy or anything like that. I just need some guidance/advices.
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