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: My credit card debt is too much. I actually had all of them paid off several years ago, but now it is back to having to pay a balance. I have finally got a decent job 3 months ago and I am making more than I ever have, but the task of paying off the cards is frightening. From my experience it is very hard to save because things just happen. Doctor bills, rising fuel costs, and on and on. Can anyone give me some motivation on getting out of debt, or can sympothize with my situation? Thanks.
I meant to post this in the personal finance column, sorry. The edit category link is not working.

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: I let them all go but one.
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: Go to SuzieOrman.com
Pay yourself first (that means save something every week)
even if it's only $10.
Then pay off your debt above your interest every month.
Be the boss of your life and only use credit for emergencies.
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: u just normal.

u been sold into debt.

now change - simple.

get, read, study, take notes
Then apply info from
Total money makeover, dave ramsey.

'fuel costs' is but a little issue. it is knee jerk one.

knowledge and your ability to use pencil/paper
while acting like an informed adult , not congress,
will get and keep u out of debt slavery.

saving isn't hard IF u use common knowledge.

a library can help also.
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