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: From the perspective of a fly on the wall?
Hillary: Look Bill…I mean Mr. B. I cannot afford to be part of anymore of these scandals our agenda is causing if I want to run for office in 2016. I need to resign NOW!

Mr. B: Ok, Ok calm down. Just do it. Do it fast! … And I will support your decision and whatever reason you want to give for resigning.

Hillary: Wow we really had these country bumpkins fooled for awhile, did we not?

Mr. B: We sure did. ……so what is next for you?

Hillary: I need to distance myself….and maybe write a book exclaiming my innocence.

Mr. B: That’s a tall order………..

Hillary: Don’t rub it in!

Hillary: do not worry I will continue the plan.
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: IDK I wasn't there
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: No it was hey Barack I need to start scamming more cash and then you can choose who runs later.
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: Hillary Clinton is fat and ugly.
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: good one, Hillary and her master Obama live on stage tap dancing into oblivion
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