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: 8. How many grams are in a 5 pound sample? Express your answer in scientific notation with two significant figures. (1 pound = 453.592 grams)
(Points : 3)
2.26 x 102 g

2.268 x 103 g

1.1 x 104 g

2.3 x 103 g

9. Conditions for an experimental chemistry reaction require a temperature of 298 K. The temperature in the lab is 55įF. Which of the following must you do to meet the requirements? (įF= 9/5 (K - 273) + 32) (Points : 3)
increase the room temperature by 18 K
increase the room temperature by 22įF
decrease the room temperature by 12įC
decrease the room temperature by 33įF

10. Jim, Jane, Ann, and Bill measure an objectís length, density, mass, and volume, respectively. Which studentís measurement might be in liters?
(Points : 3)




11. How many meters are in 0.05 kilometers?
(Points : 3)




12. A container has the dimensions of 30 cm x 50 mm x 0.2 m. The density of its contents is 2.5 g/cm3. What is the mass of the substance in kilograms? (D = m/V)
(Points : 3)
150 kg

75 kg

7.5 kg

0.75 kg

13. A chemical reaction gives off 2,100 kJ of heat energy. About how many calories is this?
(1 calorie = 4.18 Joules)
(Points : 3)
5.0 x 106 calories

5.0 x 105 calories

5.0 x 104 calories

5.0 x 103 calories

14. On a graph of mass vs. volume, which of the following indicates the density of the substance?

(Points : 3)




15. Which of the following goes on the x-axis of a graph?
(Points : 3)
dependent variable values

trend line

independent variable values

graph title

16. Terry heats two different masses of substance A to different temperatures, and measures the amounts of both carbon dioxide and water produced. Which of the following is true about this experiment?
(Points : 3)
This experiment is uncontrolled because two gaseous products are measured.

This experiment is well controlled because only the mass of substance A is varied.

This experiment is uncontrolled because two different masses of substance A are used.

This experiment is well controlled because the masses of substance A and the products are varied.

17. In terms of the sequence of the scientific method, what is the immediate purpose of doing an experiment?
(Points : 3)
drawing conclusions

asking the question

formulating the hypothesis

gathering data

18. Which of the following describes a physical property?
(Points : 3)
When two substances are mixed a precipitate forms.

Gunpowder explodes.

A substance changes color when heated, but changes back when cooled.

A candle burns.

19. A material has a density of 8.9 g/cm3. You have three cubic centimeters of the substance. What is the materialís mass in grams?
(Points : 3)
27 g

5.9 g

3.0 g

0.3 g

20. Which of the following describes an element?
(Points : 3)



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: 13 questions x [2 points / question] = 26 points >> 10

so here's # 20:

An element contains atoms of just one kind

so Cl2 is the best answer b/c it only contains Cl atoms
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