HellBill » Bills Categories: » The Healthcare Bill » If an Obama who did all the things he promised in 2008 ran against the actual Obama we got, who would win?

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: Obama 08 who shut down Gitmo vs. Actual Obama who didn't
Obama 08 who was against the healthcare personal mandate vs. Actual Obama who was for it
Obama 08 who was against gay marriage against Actual Obama who is for it
Obama08 who was against the Patriot Act vs. Actual Obama who is for it
Obama 08 who was against Presidents governing by Executive Order vs. Actual Obama who is for it
Obama 08 who was against taking military action without the approval of Congress vs. Actual Obama who is for it
Obama 08 who was committed to posting every bill online for 2 weeks for public comment before he'd sign it vs. Actual Obama who had no intention of doing that

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: A school janitor could beat current 0bama
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