HellBill » Bills Categories: » The Healthcare Bill » What exactly do you want the U.S. of A. to become (for those hate right-leaners, conservatives, Republicans, pro-freedom people)?

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: For all the attacks against anyone who leans right, are conservatives, Republicans, love freedom, are constitutionalists--this makes me ask the above question.

President Obama said something about "transforming America" (I forgot his exact quote). Into what kind of country (if not a constitutional republic with a Bill of Rights that affirms the freedoms and natural rights that we already have the moment you are born)?

P.S. I do not advocate murdering in the name of freedom (in reference to that Nevada couple who killed 2 police officers and a civilian concealed carry holder)
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: Republican's version of freedom is limited to specific social groups. They certainly don't think homosexuals sould be free to marry one and other. They don't believe women have a right to privacy when visiting their doctor. They don't believe people should have the freedom to use Birth Control. They don't believe in giving children the freedom to learn the best science, instead clinging to their bibles and guns.
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: A country that doesn't run ridiculous deficits. A country that only goes to war for the utmost important threats to national security, a county that is back at the top of intelligence ratings. A country that allows some people to work to become rich, but not let the poor be treaded upon. A country that is back in the front of technological discoveries. A country that will be the first to Mars and other planets outside of the solar system. A country that doesn't leave people without healthcare. A country that leads the way in sustainable energy. A country that other nations have to borrow from, and not vice versa. A country that accepts other religions, or lack thereof. A country that doesn't discriminate. A country in which the mainstream don't try to impose their beliefs upon others. A country that people don't want to fly planes into.

I know, I'm a liberal spawn of Satan. Scum of the Earth. Because who cares about those things I just said. Interpret this how you like
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: if cons want freedom, then why don't we end the welfare state? the federal reserve? legalize drugs? legalize prostitution?
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: I want the government of my country to stop killing people. No more invading a Viet Nam or an Iraq and killing a butt load of people. No excuses. Stop killing.
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: A collective.

You need to remember that his mother and her baby daddy were both communists. His grandparents were both communists. His closest friends are communists and domestic terrorists.

Of course, the left...the left...will say that all of that is irrelevant. Still, it isn't terribly likely that young Barry is going to grow up and be a freedom loving champion of the free market.
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: I'm not sure exactly what they want it to become, but at this rate it will become a socialist 3rd world country.
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: I wish Elvis was still alive.
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