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: Do you feel left out? I mean, so the illegals (needed help) so now Obama wants to make them citizens, Gitmo (needed "help") and now, he wants to release them all back into combat against us, Healthcare (needed help) and now you can work part time and try to pay your bills... WAIT, I don't think I want to be "Helped" from Obama - he only makes things worse for people.

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: No. I'm a member of the group of Americans Obama wants to help. I feel left out whenever Republicans talk about helping America, though. They only want to help the wealthy elite and force the rest of us to beg for scraps of "trickle down" prosperity.
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: Many law makers want a pathway to citizenship, not an amnesty.
Since Bush & Cheney advocated torture (waterboarding, humiliation, etc), the U.S. screwed itself out of any possibility of prosecution. America follows the Articles of war, and when a conflict winds down, and ends prisoners of war are returned to their homeland unless charges are filed against them, and there weren't any.
These 5 will be watched, and now if they screw up, we can actually kill them.
Republicans have bent over backwards to keep people uninformed about the healthcare law, and a constant burrage of negative rhetoric could "glaze over anyone's eyes" It is based on Romney care, but the right is adamant about trying not to allow this President, landmark legislation. Millions are thrilled with it, no rejection because of existing conditions, you have any idea how many newborns have existing conditions, let alone, young people, and adults. No more lifetime caps, which means ins. co. can't drop you. Staying on your parents family policy until age 26. Ins Co.'s must spend 80% of premiums on healthcare, or refund. and the doughnut hole for seniors will be gone, altogether, by 2020. Sorry you hate it, but there is no way that millions of Americans are going to allow you or anybody else, repeal it. Already tried 52 times, not happening.
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: Not just when Obama says it. The message from all Democrat politicians is that being white is not okay. Unless you are ashamed of it. And even then, no special cookie for you. Even if you've never had a 'cookie' in your life. They're only for 'born victims'.
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