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: It is something we actually NEED.

we as a nation need national healthcare here's why:

Health is not a commodity. We need access to health insurance. Whether you think you do or you don't you're one second from god forbid an accident you did not see coming. This is why it must not be part of capital gain.

When someone does not have health insurance and cannot afford that HUGE bill, who do you think pays for it? WE do along with the government. And then it stacks on the debt.

Please see past all of what you heard about the ACA and think for a second why the ACA is needed
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: If its so great why are the Democrats delaying major parts of it until after the elections?

You act like its national health care and its not. Its a patched together mess thats being made up as they go
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: The ACA is not "health care."

The ACA is a boon to Big Insurance.
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