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: Was he at all aware that our wounded veterans were having
to wait sooo long for care that too many have died from
the time frame for help? My suggestion is to let veterans
go to any hospital for care if the VA Hospitals are full, and
then send the bill to government. How about that? If you
have a better solution, name it.

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: The VA scandal started in the 1960's when wounded veterans like Ron Kovic were returning home from Vietnam, and went through abuse as a result of poor treatment in the VA hospital. The same problems have continued since. I have experienced poor treatment at one facility, and then amtreated as a heroic saint at the next. The smaller rural facilities like Hot Springs, SD are the best. Larger facilities like Omaha and Wilkes-Barre haven't been comfortable places. But overall, the VA has improved. To blame the problems on the President is political spin. For the VA to work perfectly on all cylinders requires scheduling that surpasses boelian logic, requires perfection from all lab techs, specialty care providers, pharmacist, primary care providers, nurses; and every veteran of numerous disabilities to be fifteen minutes early for appointments. There are a 100,000 things that can go wrong every hour. If just one occurs it slows down the rest of the system. The VA works to get it.
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: As a disabled veteran, I use the VA system. It is by far the best medical care system in the USA. While the corruption found at the Phoenix VA is egregious, the fact remains that a handful of people may have died due to excessive waits, while roughly 195,000 die every year from medical malpractice in the fee-for-service healthcare system civilians use.

Actually, many people know exactly what would happen, among them (as ThinkProgress noted) AMVETS, Disabled American Veterans, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Sending millions of older, sicker Americans—many of them requiring specialized care for rare and complex health problems—into the waiting arms of private insurers, private doctors and private pharmaceutical firms is a recipe for chaos and de facto rationing on a grand scale. As the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) concluded its assessment of Paul Ryan's premium support proposals for Medicare, the result would be a dramatic shift of health care costs onto patients.
The last thing any of the vet organisations want, even now, is Romney/Ryan's plan to "voucherise" vet medical care.

Veterans suffer from particular disabilities not seen in the general populace, such as shrapnel wounds, malaria, tuberculosis, Dengue fever, orthopaedic problems from combat, &c &c. The VA is best equipped to deal with it, though it would help if the folk who sent us off to two unfunded wars had also prepared for our return. Instead, they consistently blocked legislation to help returned veterans.

Numerous liberal media outlets such as Business Week, Forbes, the New England Journal of Medicine, the American Medical Association, &c have consistently rated the VA as the best medical care delivery in the USA.

As for going to a civilian hospital, I did that for an emergency two years ago; they were paid immediately by the VA. That hospital has since turned me over to multiple collections agencies, ruined my credit, and is now under a cease-and-desist order from my lawyer (a fellow I would not have had to pay if I had gone to a VA emergency room).
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: why should it?..HE'S not Bush!
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: Not every vet is able to get to a VA clinic or hospital and they are already informed that they can get care at any emergency room. Duh! btw, an administrative problem at one hospital does not make a system-wide "scandal". Arizona has one VA hospital. If Mr. McCain is so concerned about vets, why wasn't he paying attention to what was going with them in his own state? Normally, when people have problems with a federal program like the VA, they contact their members of Congress ...but no one waiting for care at the Phoenix VA contacted anyone? That's hard to believe.
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