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: Because as much as they claim they're against excessive spending across the board, I've almost never heard one complain about how the US is spending too much in 'defense'

More than a trillion dollars used in the Iraq war is unaccounted for.

A single drone costs more than $12,500,000 which isn't a ton, but when you take into consideration that its goal is to destroy life, and innocent victims are considered collateral, that money could be reinvested more efficiently, to provide a net benefit

And that's a single one. Imagine the amount the US uses in countries which the US has NOT declared war against.....

And for what?

When was the last time a conservative questioned military expenditure? Or do they justify the entirely of it, and only claim to be outraged when it points out their hypocrisy?
Brandon: You know, you're right- the US needs to spend more than half of the entire world's military spending to maintain theirs, because 600 billion dollars is not enough....

And of course EVERY single cent allocated to the military is going to be used EFFICIENTLY. Because for some reason, conservatives think the federal government is inefficient in EVERY OTHER sector except military. Why is the military held up as less accountable? Fvcking hypocrites
Brandon: I DO NOT SUPPORT OBAMA. Yes, he's as much of a warmonger as his predecessor but please stop assuming that his foreign policy coincides with what I believe...
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