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: In the years leading up to the passage of the Economic Opportunity Act, poverty as a whole was on a steep decline. Almost 50 years after the passage of the bill, the United States’ poverty rate has remained relatively stagnate primarily due to the rise of the welfare state.

This is exactly what Democrats want. They want to take from those who earn in order to pay for their failed policies, and whenever someone attempts to reform the system, they call them racist. This is why liberals despise the ideas of school choice and welfare reform. If they can keep poor children in bad schools, the students have less of a chance of being successful, creating wealth and, most importantly, leaving their voting bloc. If welfare reform takes place and the goal of welfare recipients is coming off welfare rolls and not staying on them, what platform will the Democrats run in poverty-stricken districts?

The Democrats have an entire platform that revolves around people remaining poor
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