HellBill » Bills Categories: » The Healthcare Bill » Have you heard? Obamacare will only cost $1.4 trillion over the next 10 years instead of $1.5 trillion!?

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: "The CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation said the law’s insurance coverage provisions will now cost about $1.4 trillion over the next 10 years — about $104 billion less than previously estimated." http://news.yahoo.com/cbo-says-obamacare-cost-less-191500438.html

Isn't that wonderful? Now instead of spending $1.5 trillion that we don't have on a healthcare bill that only 1 in 3 Americans supported at the time, this is only going to cost taxpayers $1.4 trillion that we don't have instead! Isn't it amazing how liberals will spend trillions we don't have, then make it sound like they're SAVING us money by not spending as much as originally projected?

Also mentioned in the same article: "budget deficits are projected to rise again starting in 2016 and to top $1 trillion annually by 2023." Huray!!!
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