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: So ive been crying for the past 2 days because 2 days ago i found out that im pregnant. Im 4 weeks along and im an emotional wreck. I guess my birth control was too weak. I cant believe this has happened to me again. I was once pregnant before when i was 19, I was forced by my ex to have unprotected sex when i was intoxicated. I decided to terminate that pregnancy. It hurt me to death to do it but i felt I had no other choice. Here i am 21 and pregnant again. I have no idea how im gonna afford this kid. Im scared to think that ill have to continue to work, pay rent, pay for baby things and child care while i work. All that off of $1100 a month. How do single moms do it?? Im terrified to continue on with this pregnancy i dont think i can do this, but i really dont have it in my heart to terminate again. What should i do?? Is there anyone else who have been or is in my shoes?

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