HellBill » Bills Categories: » The Healthcare Bill » Democrats say Tort Reform doesn't work. Is that because it's true or because Trial Lawyers paid them to say it?

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: 2008 Election Cycle

#1 Donor to Democrats:
Lawyers/Law Firms
$77.5 Million

Shockingly, no Tort Reform can be found in Obamacare.

Former Presidential Candidate Howard Dean:

"Why is tort reform not included in the health-care bill?"
"It's really quite simple," he replied. "The Trial Lawyers Association gives us [the Democratic Party] a great deal of money, and they don't want it in there."


You Like Canada's Healthcare prices ? Look at their Tort Laws
1. The Government reimburses doctors 83% of their malpractice insurance premiums
2. The Government defends all malpractice lawsuits "very aggressively"
3. They have caps and limits on malpractice awards
4 They have "loser pays" tort law that eliminate frivolous lawsuits

Do you really believe that Trial Lawyers will ever let Democrats pass anything close to a Single-payer system that would actually work?

You can "fund" a study to come to whatever conclusion you want them to.
EDIT - Because America has no such Tort Laws, Doctors order needless tests only to cover their butts. It's called "Defensive Medicine" and a big problem in this country

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