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: Together we make $25k in a year. I live in alabama, our bills are about $1500 a month. I'm really wanting a child and I know we could care for a baby. He makes $14.50 a hour which is really good for where I live. And he has many raises coming, about $2-$3 in raises. People with babies please comment.

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: No, you guys can barely live comfortably. I steady household for a baby should at least be making 70k combined, and that's still really low income. With all the medical bills, food, diapers, etc. You'll be living on welfare (most likely)
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: If you have baby, someone will quit his/her job to take care of the baby.
It is very tough.
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: Honestly I make about 24-25 a yr, I have a 7 month old, it's very very difficult, but you'll never imagine how much things you buy over and over again how quickly you'll buy diapers and run out same a wipes lotions etc especially clothes they grow faster than anything, also you have to think about traveling expenses dr apps meds, daycare, if both are working, baby food milk , there's so many thing people don't look at before deciding.
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: NO!
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: Don't let anybody tell you that u cant have a baby!!! Of course you can have a baby and with what u guys make that's enough to be able to have a baby!! Good luck and god bless!! pregnancy is the most beautiful thing a women can experience. I'm pregnant and i am due in 2 weeks i'm expecting a beautiful baby boy!! I'm still in college and i'm not working only my boyfriend is and as a security guard $9.50 an hour and were going to be perfectly fine:) also we live in Los Angeles!!
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: Plan for formula feeding because worst case scenario you will need it. That could run $20 per week or so. Same with diapers. Then there are health care costs associated with pregnancy and birth. According to your information you have an extra $500 per month. The smartest thing to do is save up before trying to get pregnant so that way if your husband (God forbid) gets laid off or injured you won't be struggling to buy food for your child.

WHOA! I just read that you make that much COMBINED. Do you realize that if you have a child someone will need to quit working? Either that or you will need to pay for childcare which can get VERY expensive. Plus, you won't be the one raising your child if you go that route. Think long and hard before bringing a life into this world. Best wishes.
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