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: I broke my wrist, and Im calling different hospitals seeing who has the best deal, and no one there knows the prices. I thought we were supposed to have a freemarket healthcare system? They cannot give me an estimate or anything. Basically, they told me to just get an x-ray, and wait for a bill to come in the mail, then I will know the price. Thats like a waiter offering a steak, and not knowing the price of it until after I eat it. Our Health-care system is not based on Free-market Capitalism, it is based on cronyism. How are hospitals supposed to compete when they don't disclose prices? They dont want to compete. They want to hide behind the government and the insurance companies.

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: They know their prices however they like to jack up the prices if your uninsured and your pay a premium for the services.
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: You need to be examined and you are billed on a case by case basis it's not a generic fee for one type of service! Did you try the billing department? By the way if you broke your wrist you surely will not be able to type without major pain. I just sprained two ankles before and the pain is extreme! Could barely have a conversation! Broken wrist your hand should be hanging!
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: Haven't you wondered why they always examine your wallet before they examine you?? It is sort of like demand pricing for airlines - whatever they can get at the time.

2 months ago Consumer Reports magazine had a story about how widely prices fluctuate.

And it is true that the insurance companies have the power to pay much less than the list price, but the self-pay has to pay list price - to cover the next guy who can't pay. I have not heard anything about Obamacare leveling the playing field in this area - because then many more honorable (but uninsured) could pay their bills, and "universal" health care might not be needed.
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